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Scientific Inquiry: A Report on Independent Studies of the Lifespring Trainings - Page 3

Am I likely to get value from this program? Will it be worth the investment of my time, energy and money?

Dr. Ross approached the issue of perceived value in the trainings from several perspectives. His findings consistently revealed that most participants felt the course(s) was of considerable value.

One approach asked a series of three questions:

1) "What is your assessment of the value you derived from the course as a whole?"
Basic (56%) and Advanced (71%) Course students agreed that the course was one of their most valuable experiences. Five responses were available, ranging from "One of the most valuable experiences I have ever had" to "No value" ("Slight value" and "No value" have been combined in the table below).
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2) The second question asked about the value of the training relative to its cost. Over 80% of the Basic students and over 90% of the Advanced students found the course to be of equal or greater value to its cost.
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3) The third question asked about the value of the course relative to the students expectation and, once again, high levels of satisfaction were evidenced.

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